Winter 2015 Anime Retrospective

Originally this was supposed to be a Death Parade rant, but since the season has almost* finished airing, I thought “why not mash everything together so that I have something positive to say too.” Mediocre season overall, but I really liked Koufuku Graffiti. Read the full post »



Fujiwara-sensei, the mangaka of Inu x Boku SS, passed away on March 31st at only 31 years old. You can verify the news on ANN. Read the full post »

Now and Then, Here and There

All you need to know.

All you need to know.

The premise of Now and Then, Here and There (henceforth NaTHaT) is like Digimon’s – except without all the digimon, obviously. Shu, our protagonist, is transported to a fantastic world with a black-and-white morality and nonsensical and internally inconsistent politics and physics. He saves the third world country poor helpless citizens, among whom he is much more popular than he could ever have been at home, and then returns to his carefree privileged life. I jest, I jest. The suffering of aforementioned citizens confronts you in much starker, more explicit details, which includes forced child conscription, rape, massacre, and torture. At the same time, Shu also perseveres through a much harsher ordeal, which includes… being hit repeatedly in the head with the back of a gun, I guess. And then he tells them it can’t be all that bad.

All right, all right, sorry. The premise is, Shu meets a girl named Lala Lu, and while protecting her from strange people gets transported to a world in which a crusading nation named Hellywood is carrying out a campaign of terror and massacre. He meets people, inspires them, and saves the world, though not necessarily everybody. There, that’s the most generous description I can give. Read the full post »

Tale of Genji

I’ve just read a chapter of this text for class — Aoi Heart-to-Heart. Again, the usual disclaimers apply, and this is not a criticism — I think I do like it very very much, even if I am not (yet) able to process much. BEFORE I can even think about the meaning of Rokujo’s spirit possession, however, I have to get something off my chest so that I don’t embarrass myself in class:

Genji is an asshole.

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Winter 2015 Anime

Share your impressions!

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