Oh Great Mighty Amnesty International, Please Tell Me More About How We Should Learn to Love Targeted Ads

So yesterday, AdBlock displayed to its users some advertisements by Amnesty International purportedly to increase awareness about internet censorship. That is to say, in a complete lack of self-awareness typical of the tech sector, AdBlock thought it should educate people about internet freedom/privacy by infringing on the internet freedom/privacy which they were using AdBlock to protect.

Okay, to be more accurate, it thought it could sneak onto the anti-censorship bandwagon to contrive a friendly image in order to shill its plan to gradually let ads slip through its filter. Too bad the only thing it accomplished was make an ass of itself.



Tale of Genji

I’ve just read a chapter of this text for class — Aoi Heart-to-Heart. Again, the usual disclaimers apply, and this is not a criticism — I think I do like it very very much, even if I am not (yet) able to process much. BEFORE I can even think about the meaning of Rokujo’s spirit possession, however, I have to get something off my chest so that I don’t embarrass myself in class:

Genji is an asshole.