Hi there.

This is where I post about things I can’t say on /a/ unless I want to be called an attention whore tmblr land whale SJW, or simply topics for which I need more than five sentences. I expect that primarily entails “reviews” (whatever that means right?), shoujo and josei (/a/ has this game called “I say shoujo you say rape”), and anything that might reveal that I’ve watched less than 9000 animes (in my defense, my manga list is somewhat longer).

I’ve been reading manga for over ten years. It’s not that I have an immense appreciation for the visual arts, it’s just that my attention span likes pretty pictures more than cryptic blocks of text. It’s not that I’m at all knowledgeable about Japanese culture or I’m particularly proud of the time I could have spent consuming something else equally pointless either, it’s just that I’m so uncultured anime and manga are about the only subjects I can talk about. Consequently, I’ve started watching anime somewhat regularly since last year after I found out that the audience for anime is considerably larger. For more of an idea of my pleb taste, you can view my anime list here — although if you don’t see an adaptation, chances are I’ve read the manga instead. I would link to the manga if I haven’t added all the guilty pleasure yaoi, which, if you want, you’ll have to walk over my cold dead body.

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  1. Hello! I recently got nominated for a Liebster Award (an online trophy given from one blogger to another) and in the spirit of the award, I must now nominate 10 others whose blogs I enjoy reading.
    If you feel like taking part in the award then check out the rules on my Liebster Award blog post but either way I look forward to reading more of your reviews. Thanks!



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