2015 Summer Anime Conclusion

So I said I’d watch some anime this summer, and I even reviewed a few of the first episodes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow up with episode 2s, but here’s a summary.


Seems like Maeda had enough material for 6 episodes, squeezed it into 4, padded it out with filler, and then slapped on a bullshit half-baked ending. To the extent that Key is your type of thing, and I would argue it is a perfectly good kind of thing, episodes 1 to 8 start very slow but are enjoyable — I think the relationship between Yuu and his sister is actually pretty compelling.  I mean, I am all for incest, but for once, it seems like a realistic siblings relationship and not the fanfic of an alien who cannot imagine male plus female equals anything but sex. The show jumps off a cliff in episode 10 and proceeds to roll itself in the shit at the bottom for the last 3, but if you’ve made it that far you might as well watch to the end. Shunsuke’s flashback is forced as hell, the setting explanation is insultingly stupid, the kidnapping seems to have been carried out by retards against retards, and the final episode comes out of nowhere. Disappointed.

Miss Monochrome

Not much to say, it remains cute, somewhat clever, and mildly entertaining.


As I feared, the animation is shit, so there’s no reason to watch the anime when you’ve already read the manga.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

Dropped on episode 2. You can see my review of episode 1 here, and episode 2 just turns up the edge,  the lazy, the tone-deafness, and the cheap deductions to 11 million.

Joukamachi no Dandelion

I dropped this show at episode 1, so this review is as thorough as I’m gonna get. It’s a show about rich powerful people thinking the masses should give a fuck about their personal lives and which one of them gets to win the next rigged election.


Holy shit it’s nothing.

Classroom * Crisis

Reviewed here, and dropped 5 minutes into episode 2. Probably the worst I’ve seen last season, given that the wank  is so unoriginal and long-winded you just feel sorry for whichever brain-dead child wrote the script. Rich kids are smart and special because they can do impossible things like wreck expensive toys, yay!


Low bar, but probably the best show I’ve watched last season. Fun and unexpectedly heart-warming and many great moments — Takanashi cross dressing, for example.

Million Doll

Too short, horrendous animation, and I don’t know who would give a fuck about the plot.

Makura no Danshi

Again interesting concept, but very ugly art and no actual animation at all. That said, I really enjoyed some episodes (pillow, senpai, Kansai-dialect) and hated others (music tsundere, shota, twins), but YMMV and I appreciate the variety. They know the tropes well and walk the fine line between the nudge nudge wink wink and actual fan service, which I think a lot of similar anime fail.

Addition: Gakkou Gurashi

Surprising find — I think I just assumed this show was a shorts series so it didn’t even make the trash list. Doesn’t have much to offer aside from suffering! but it paints a beautiful story of hope amidst despair. I haven’t watched/read that many (zombie) apocalyptic manga/anime, so I can’t comment much, but I found it very compelling that it’s about finding and connecting with each other, and relying on each other to survive physically as well as psychologically, instead of some cynical individualistic FPS bore-fest e.g. I am a Hero and a lot of psychological seinen with male protagonists. Second favorite of the season.

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