Classroom ☆ Crisis Episode 1 — The propaganda is strong in this one


Welcome to Corporate Elitism the Anime!

I liked it better when anime was about ordinary students, not this rich snowflakes bullshit.

It seems like most anime thinks being rich is some sort of superpower that makes you super special quirky. Being raised in luxury, rich high schoolers are above normal people, often by being more moral, more passionate, and more talented. Fine, I won’t pretend I’m an expert rich people — although, little known fact, they’re much more conservative. It becomes a problem, however, when every fucking student in your classroom is rich and has to stand out, like the wannabe hacker, the thinks-he’s-so-inspirational teacher, and the Rei clone genius. The way these people think they’re doing something impossible for ordinary plebians is insufferable and their interactions scream fake, fake, fake. What’s more, the whole thing is located in a context of nationalistic corporate space conquest, and from this episode I fear the show plans to place the supposed moral center and spirit of space exploration actually within the corporate structure, as if there were some ancient inherently kind core within corporations separate from the mafia crooks. Yeah, that’s not how it works, Japan.

Because corporations should just take over educational institutions

Because corporations should just take over educational institutions

So the story is about this class handpicked by some corporation to play with advanced toys costing tens of billions (of Yen I presume). Jesus Christ, reminds you of another certain show this season with elite teenagers given government privileges, no? Given how no one except the class rep (who no one listens to) bats an eye at the unimaginable waste of money, I’m guessing all of them are privileged little shits who got there because, surprise surprise, their parents could afford the education. If they’re not, they should be. For example, meet the teacher, who when told that his new transfer student got kidnapped, takes out his pen and paper and ingeniously comes up with a rescue plan, despite everyone else claiming it impossible! What is this plan you might ask? Why, taking the straight route instead of the detour of course! Genius!

Yes, let's go in a straight line! What a masterful plan!

Simply masterful!

Literally the only reason they have that option is because they command expensive toys and probably have some unquestioned legal immunity due to their status. Yet the show acts as if it’s their determination and talent that really lets them accomplish incredible feats.

I am at a crossroads as to what to think about Classroom Crisis, however. Either it is a surprisingly crafty and accurate criticism of privilege and capitalism, or it is pure propaganda. What happens is that, in the course of their little rescue, they ruin one of their toys to only to find out that the transfer student has escaped unscathed, and has arrived to downsize their little group to boot. He cites as evidence their wasteful venture, costing thousands of times what the strikers who kidnapped him demanded — 7.5 million. So the injustices of capitalism are laid bare. Yet, it seems as if the anime believes they can be corrected if a few good people can be taught the way and their personal spending habits corrected, because it is not at all a systematic problem that so much money is sucked from the working class to further the ever expanding search for profits to begin with. So what if they save money for the company? That money won’t go to workers, but to the company owners and other R&D programs anyways.

Just in case you were wondering at what point did I start wanting to kill myself: it was the 7 minute mark.

Just in case you were wondering at what point did I start wanting to kill myself: it was the 7 minute mark.

While I admit it is a plus that the show realizes what unbelievable bullshit it is that rich kids can waste billions to feel better about themselves “helping” people, I do not have confidence that it will go anywhere except propaganda land. Further, the kids themselves are unbearable, what with all the talk of being chosen, hacker, pilot geniuses above normal humans. I will give it 3 episodes, but again, I have no hope.

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