We Need to Talk About Ore Monogatari

maxresdefault Ore Monogatari!! is a popular and critically acclaimed manga. It won the 37th Kodansha Award for Best Shoujo Manga and was nominated for two others. An anime adaptation is coming out this season, and to a much, much more positive reception than I hoped… that is, when it’s not eww shoujo cooties eww. I’d imagined that after the niche status wore off a more critical discussion could take place — I was wrong. Sorry for the horrible unsubtle reference, but I think we need to have that discussion, and I’d rather start it sooner than later. (more…)


Winter 2015 Anime Retrospective

Originally this was supposed to be a Death Parade rant, but since the season has almost* finished airing, I thought “why not mash everything together so that I have something positive to say too.” Mediocre season overall, but I really liked Koufuku Graffiti. (more…)


Fujiwara-sensei, the mangaka of Inu x Boku SS, passed away on March 31st at only 31 years old. You can verify the news on ANN. (more…)